A.J. Garcia

 Songwriter/Drummer/Guitar Player/Vocalist/Producer
All Around Great Musician!

A.J. Garcia is A accomplished Musician that has been performing-Writing and producing Music for over 15 years and is Skilled in the Songwriting Process of several Genres to include Rock R&B Acoustic Rap

Having the Ability to  embrace All Music has given A.J. The opportunity to not only Create Music in the studio, but to also play it Live. Over the Years, A.J. has played Live in Hundreds of Shows.

In 2017 A.J. Connected with Sick Song Sales Publishing and SickSong Records and started building his Catalog. To date, over 100 Songs and 2 full length Records Have been Accomplished on which A.J. 

Wrote-Produced and performed all Music.

Currently, A.J. is seeking opportunities to Collaborate with some Great Artist's In Studio or Playing Live.


"Stay Positive"

A.J. Garcia